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Spiritual Transformation Happens Here

Discover how lives are being turned to God through spiritual development at the community level.

Building Self-Sustaining Communities

Partner with Jacob’s Well to support economic development training that builds resilient families and communities.

Healthy Communities Thrive Here

From Latrine development to life skills to literacy, Jacob’s Well gives rural Brazil the tools for healthy living.

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Bring God’s Hope to Rural Brazil


Your donation Supports Lifelong Health


Equip Brazilian Families with Lasting Economic Opportunities


Spiritual Development

True transformation of a community is when transformation takes hold inside of the people.

Transformation on Inside-out

Spiritual development causes individual transformation to ripple into members of their family and to other members in the community.
Spiritual Transformation is the focus of Jacob’s Well, and it is the end result of everything we do.

Discipleship and Life

Spiritual development for Jacob’s Well means, “walk alongside” with the community that we are involved in. Discipleship is the part that allows sustaining transformation of individuals, families and then cascading to the whole community.

Church Planting

Behind every community and behind our work inside of the communities are the people.
If the community members are not the drivers to make the transformation happen, everything we do, nothing we do will succeed.

Social Development

When we think about social development with Jacob’s Well, it starts with the basic need of water supply but moves out from there to sanitation, education, and other community identified needs. We drill wells to meet the basic physical needs of the communities we are serving.

Water, is the beginning

When we think about social development with Jacob’s Well, it starts with the core need of water resources, but moves out of there to sanitation, education, and other community activities.
We drill wells to meet physical need of the communities we are serving.

Health and Sanitation

As an organization, we look into a community to see how they are managing their water and wastewater so that we can do as much as we can to prevent systemic illness. Because health is the foundation of a thriving community, our efforts are aimed at helping our community members stay healthy in the first place.

Prevention and Education

With our focus on prevention, communities can reap the savings and benefits compared to the higher costs of treatment and rehabilitation. To this end, we provide health seminars and training about diseases and illnesses, engaging the communities with the wellness issues of health, sanitation and personal hygiene. Prevention helps us break the cycle of dependence.

Economic Development

A healthy community thriving economically is when Jacob’s Well is just cheering them on, it’s when family farms are producing on their own, it’s when family farms are reinvesting their knowledge, their skills and their finances into helping others to learn what they learned because of Jacob’s Well help, and seeing it spreading to other communities and the next.

Agriculture Production

Jacob’s Well discusses with and then teaches members of the communities about how to produce agricultural products that are sustainable and appropriate for the resources available and the environments of their communities. Often, the only missing ingredient for successful agricultural practices is knowledge. That’s where Jacob’s Well comes in. 

Sustainability and Techniques

Jacob’s Well trains and helps communities repurpose their resources so that they are more efficient. Now communities use techniques like, drip irritation, aquaponics, hydroponics and other new techniques that they have not contemplated or been aware of in the past to produce more with less.

Men, the Provider

In particular, Jacob’s Well has a special heart for men. The man is often the focal point in warm climate cultures. They are looked to as the leader and patriarch, holding their families together.
It’s our desire to help them fulfill their God given and desired role to provide for and protect their families.

Transforming Communities

Meeting the physical need for water opens doors for people to receive what they thirst for most, LIVING WATER.

Our Communities

Organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need

Riacho da Porta

Location: Pentecoste-CE
Non Christians 0
Illiteracy 0
Below Poverty Line 0

Malhada Vermelha

Location: Santo André-PB
Non Christians 0
Illiteracy 0
Below Poverty Line 0


Location: Morada Nova-CE
Non Christians 0
Illiteracy 0
Below Poverty Line 0

Help Our Communities To Get Transformed


Community is built overtime, it’s the exchange of knowledge and strength by members of our communities through a deeper bond of relationships. And the result is the care and brotherly love for each other over time. Jacob’s Well needs you to come alongside to embrace its cause and mission. Join our team today to develop Christ-centered Communities.

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Jacob’s Well value RELATIONSHIP. Relationships enable us to develop communities by walking with people shoulder to shoulder the path of transformation.

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