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Riacho da Porta Community

Below Poverty Line 0
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Illiteracy 0

May 2021

The communities at Pentecost remain in crisis due to COVID-19, and the brothers carefully participate in the meetings in the church. Pastor Carlos continues to support the community, welcoming the afflicted into his home, praying and teaching the word to the small groups that are coming in the midst of this chaos.

Our team has visited Pastor Carlos and his family and our prayer is that the Lord strengthens each one and that they find what they seek in Christ.


The rural community Riacho da porta is located 6 km from the urban area of ​​the city of Pentecoste, Ceará, Brazil, which has approximately 35,412 inhabitants.

Before the last drought there was plenty of water in two rivers, Curu and Caxitoré, which led the colonists to use this resource to irrigate their plantations and also companies that established themselves in the community used these resources, generating jobs for the residents. The families had regular income from these jobs and also from their own plantations around their house, but with the drought the rivers dried up, there was no more irrigation, the companies closed and the colonists withdrew from that place because there was no profit left to be made.

In this arid period, many families were only at the mercy of the government income program that varied in providing an income of R$100 to R$500 depending on the size of each family profile and in some rare cases the provision of temporary jobs like, driver, domestic services, jobs in a shoe factory in the urban area helps to supplement some of the household needs. Many families buy food using in-store credit line at a grocery store in the community, which leads to financial debt for many families.

There are 68 families in Riacho da Porta Community, where most of them squatted lands that belong to DNOCS (Federal Agency for Combating Drought)

Violence is something that has afflicted the population, as there are many robberies followed even to death sometimes; a problem that has triggered panic and insecurity in every citizen.

Numerous factors have cooperated with the growth of cases of depression, anxiety, panic syndrome, family separation, alcoholism, drugs, prostitution and so many other problems in each family. Today one of the forms of leisure in the community is parties with drinks and illegal drugs.