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Jucá Grosso Community

Below Poverty Line 0
Non Christians 0
Illiteracy 0

The Jucá Grosso Community is a settlement created in 1995 by the Brazilian National Agrarian Reform Program to serve 41 families, located in the interior of the municipality of Russas – Ceará approximate 38km from the municipality of Morada Nova.

In the beginning of the community, the families were landless rural workers where a part worked on the property itself as sharecroppers or individual land tenants.

Some families came from large urban centers such as Fortaleza, Morada Nova, Capistrano where they faced the lack of job opportunities, housing and they were exposed to the crime influenced environment of the slums in those cities, which initially hampered the process of creating the community association and the rules of coexistence in the agriculture community.

Some families lived in mud houses in the community of Lagoa Funda, where they had no access to treated water and sanitation.

In the years 1993 to 1997 there was a very dry drought where families did not produce anything and started to depend on help from the state government and non-governmental entities, both for food and for purchase and drinking water.

As the community was made up of families that were below the poverty line, all food production (corn, beans and cassava) in the early years was only for the families survive.

The vast majority of families have not been and have not yet been reached by the gospel.