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Vice President of the Board

Ivanildo Moreira Lima (Kaká), is married to Elaine Cristina and father of Cristina Mel. Kaka and Cristina are married for 17 years and live in Morada Nova Ceará.

As a teenager Kaka wanted to realize 3 dreams 1 – Serve as many people as he could; 2 – Have a daughter and name her Mel; 3 – Study a stone from Mars.

He worked for many years caring for families settled by INCRA – National Institute of Agrarian Reform but could not realize the dream of serving more efficiently and with independent sustainable development, because it was a government program.

In 2000 he began working with private companies in the production of fruits and vegetables for export.

In 2006, while still working in this industry that he was introduced to Jesus by a friend of his company in the city of Natal and saw that there was opportunities to carry out projects and serve in many ways through the church.

When he returned to Morada Nova from Natal, he moved away from the church because he could not find leaders there that did not preach only individual prosperity.

In 2016, he encountered the ministry of Jacob’s Well and saw that with this ministry he could accomplish what he believes to be his call from Christ (to serve others). This is his main reason for being involved with Jacob’s Well Brazil. It is with this ministry that he was baptized and had a true encounter with the ministry of Jesus Christ.

During this time in Jacob’s Well he has had the opportunity for a different type of spiritual growth that he had not yet felt. Through serving, studying, and learning to be a copycat of Christ, he has found the true gospel. Serving families in fulfilling their dreams and the continued search for a spiritual growth and a life in Christ is what leads Kaka to want to work even more with the ministry Jacob’s Well.