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Cafundó Community

Below Poverty Line 0
Non Christians 0
Illiteracy 0

October 2021

In the community of Cafundó we held the first CHE (Community, Health, and Education) awareness seminar, we were welcomed by the community leader who opened the doors to the missionaries of the Jacob’s Well. One of the subjects we talked about was joy and contentment and undoubtedly it was also a moment of speaking of Christ. This community presents many development opportunities: They do not have a bathrooms, live isolated above a mountain range and have numerous difficulties in transportation, we believe that seminars will be part of the change of mind of these families.

September 2021

The Cafundó community has a little more than 20 families that live isolated in a mountain range, for us to be able to go up and visit we need to go on foot or by donkey.  Even with this difficulty, the families of Cafundó received our team from Poço de Jacó and had their first TIC vision seminar learning the difference between relief and development. They were receptive to the idea even though they had been deceived many times on their journey towards improving their lives. It certainly was an opportunity to preach the love of God, a privilege for all of us.  We ask for prayers for families especially for the youth of the community.

August 2021

We continued to build relationships with the community and this month we had a conversation with the leadership to discuss our interest in seeing these families realize physical and spiritual development. The conversation was positive and we will begin the next steps in development with the community.

June 2021

In the context of COVID-19, visits to families in Cafundó have not happened very often, our team has been providing assistance to the community and family members who lost their dear Flávia in the last month.

May 2021

Families remain assisted as far as possible, as stated, due to all the problems of COVID-19. This month was in mourning for the loss of our dear Flavia and for all the consequences that her death brought. Our team, especially through Robson, has been shoulder to lean on for assistance and encouragement to those involved in the work of the community.


The Cafundó Community, is located near the municipality of Choró- CE. The community is in an isolated area and located 200 meters high and an hour and thirty minutes walking to go up to the place, which is 155 km from the capital Fortaleza. In this community, families live below the poverty line and the majority of the population is illiterate, there is no running water and the houses are mud huts. Without their basic needs, such as adequate infrastructure, security, basic sanitation and food only leads to more the community problems.

It is on the trail of poverty and hunger with a dip into the geography of misery that takes this journey, facing sun, dust, tiredness and adventure until reaching the community of Cafundó, in the Sertão Central (The Northeast Outback). Known as the Land of forgetfulness, regrets, abandonment and resignation, where the sentiment found is the faith of one day to live with dignity.

When their elders get sick and need to go to the city, they descend in a hammock, by their children, grandchildren and closest friends. The scene recalls as if the time was still for the hermits. And for them it can be considered that way. Children only go to school three times a week, because they can’t stand going up and down the path for the five school days.

They all eat rice, beans, corn flour, they only eat meat once a week, they do not eat fruits and vegetables. Most prepare food on the wood stove. Regarding water, most families use their own water cisterns, usually the water is unsuitable for human use, thus causing the need for an effective basic sanitation in this community.