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Angicos Community

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Non Christians 0
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February 2022

This month a Bible study was started in the community.  Many families came with the expectation of hearing the gospel and how it can bring new life.  It is our prayer that the gospel will enter the hearts of the community members and transform them into servants of Christ.  A training was also held on how to make organic fertilizer that will be used in their community garden.  

September 2021

This year, in addition to dealing with the pandemic, we also face a severe drought.  With this, our team from Poço de Jacó, together with residents of the Angico community, worked on the revitalization of a structure for the supply of water for irrigation of the plantation.  Discipleship continues with the Planalto and Terra Nova families.

July 2021

In the rural communities of Morada Nova families are being mentored in the development process.  In Angico, although sales in the cooperative have not returned to normal they have not stopped, we hope as the country moves towards the ‘new normal’, the production and sales will also return to its previous again.

In Terra Nova and Planalto the meetings and visits continue with the teaching of biblical truths, our desire is that these families come to be transformed physically and spiritually.  To help ensure this, Ricardo has followed each one in a particular way and together with his family has taken the first steps for this to happen.

Despite being a religious people (a long history of attending church, but many without a personal relationship with Christ) they have received our team from Jacob’s well and heard what we have spoken, with love, dedication, and consistency we will see a people of transformed mind, assuming their responsibilities and glorifying Christ through transformation in their lives.

June 2021

The work continues! Even when the land is not suitable for the work, we need to make an effort This is what has happened in Morada Nova: I work even on difficult days. The cooperative’s sales have not yet normalized due to COVID-19 contamination, yet the families involved continue to take care of the gardens and sell what they can.
Spiritual development is increasing, Ricardo and his family are visiting homes, establishing relationships and handing out bibles to those who do not have them. The meetings in the Terra Nova community continue their discussion in the book of Acts and the teaching of the word and prayers continue to take place.

May 2021

Despite all the difficulties, our missionaries continue in the field.  For a few days they were prevented from visiting and reuniting with families accompanied by the Jacob’s Well Brazil due to COVID-19 and thank God the hosts, who were sick, today can again receive people in their home. In one of the meetings Robson was together with Ricardo, Kaka and Ione sharing about Acts 5 and the importance of being fully involved with the Lord. During a meeting this month, one of the families there was notified that on of their sons was the victim   of high voltage electric shock and a part of his body burned. They were very distressed and shared with the brothers.  They were able to receive consolation and all prayed for the son.  Through the hands of the Lord he received deliverance and healing and has recovered enough to be released from the hospital.  With the teaching of the word and adverse situations the dear ones of the community of Terra Nova learn to serve, pray, and comfort each other, and also cry out for help for their community.  We hope that these families will continue to be developed physically and spiritually.

The cooperative of the Angico community went through difficult times this month with the drop in sales of 37.5% due to the fear of people “contaminating themselves” by being around others. We are hopeful that after this outbreak of the disease sales will happen again.

Some families, from different communities, this month were blessed by the emergency action (food baskets) to alleviate the situation.

Our team residents in Morada Nova also selected pitaya seedlings for expansion of agricultural projects in Santo André, they separated their best seedlings to bless the families of Santo André as before they were blessed.  in this we see the hand of our God working in the hearts, teaching about gratitude and sharing with other communities although far which s helps themselves to grow.  For us this is a great joy.


The Angicos Community is a settlement created in 2005 by the National Land Credit Program to serve 10 families, located in the interior of the municipality of Morada Nova – Ceará in the district of Boa Água at an approximate distance of 56km from the municipality of Morada Nova.

All families are from the region of the district of Boa Água, this is one of the oldest districts of Morada Nova, they were rural producers without access to land, and when they had it they were for rent and or sharecroppers.

Families faced scarcity of potable water, a place to live with dignity, land to be able to grow food for their families’ subsistence, they worked as day laborers for large farms in the region for a short period of the year, the rest of the time of year they left to their homes and families to find work many kilometers far from home.

This community struggled over the years with the lack water resources, which still reflects in its capability to produce without an organized manner and with technology that could change the economic reality of the community.

The majority of families have not been reached by the gospel yet.