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Angicos Community

Below Poverty Line 0
Non Christians 0
Illiteracy 0

The Angicos Community is a settlement created in 2005 by the National Land Credit Program to serve 10 families, located in the interior of the municipality of Morada Nova – Ceará in the district of Boa Água at an approximate distance of 56km from the municipality of Morada Nova.

All families are from the region of the district of Boa Água, this is one of the oldest districts of Morada Nova, they were rural producers without access to land, and when they had it they were for rent and or sharecroppers.

Families faced scarcity of potable water, a place to live with dignity, land to be able to grow food for their families’ subsistence, they worked as day laborers for large farms in the region for a short period of the year, the rest of the time of year they left to their homes and families to find work many kilometers far from home.

This community struggled over the years with the lack water resources, which still reflects in its capability to produce without an organized manner and with technology that could change the economic reality of the community.

The majority of families have not been reached by the gospel yet.