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Terra Nova Community

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Non Christians 0
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February 2022

This month home church services were started; it has been well received and so far two different families have opened their homes to host the study.  It was decided that at this time we would focus primarily on evangelism in this community.  The Bible study on Acts continues with the communities of Terra Nova and Planalto.  This month the focus was on the importance of encouragement and the gospel being available for everyone.    Home visits were also started here this month.  The plan is families will receive at least 4 visits to help build relationships.  Team members participating in the visits are encouraged as they see many desire to return to the church.

October 2021

The Ribeiro family continues with weekly services and discipleships in the Planalto and Terra Nova communities as well as music classes for community children. With the families of Angico this month we carried out a training on fertilization of the land and a cistern for irrigation of the pitaya and other plants was prepared.  The cistern was necessary because of the worsening drought in the region.

August 2021

The process of evangelism and relationship with the Planalto community continues; the Ribeiro family continues to visit homes and study the Bible with a small group that is meets in Marcelo’s house. Our team at Poço de Jacó has also been talking to Marcelo, speaking to him about the possibility of a development project that can help him take care of his family financially.  Upon hearing about this opportunity, he cried excitedly because he always sought to improve but understood that he could not do it alone.  He is very thankful for everyone at Poço de Jacó.  Soon we will begin interventions so that this plan is put into practice.

The Terra Nova Community is a settlement created in 1995 by the Brazilian National Agrarian Reform Program to serve 102 families, located in the interior of the municipality of Russas – Ceará and approximate 41km from the municipality of Morada Nova.

At the beginning of the community, the families were landless rural workers, where the vast majority worked on land as sharecroppers or individual land tenants, all they managed to produce was for the support of the family.

Some families came from large urban centers like Fortaleza, Morada Nova and Quixadá where they faced a lack of jobs, housing and they were exposed to the crime influenced environment of the slums in those cities.

About 40 families came to live in canvas shacks and 09 families lived in a single farmhouse that later became the community center. For many months they had no access to clean water, toilets, schools, transportation.

As the community was made up of families that were below the poverty line, all food production (maize, beans and cassava) in the early years was only for the subsistence of families and some shared the little they managed to produce with others who had not produced nothing or almost nothing.